Bitcoin Mining Guide by Bruce Goldwell

Are you excited about Bitcoin?

I sure am.

That's because investing in Bitcoin is one of the SIMPLEST ways I've seen for quickly adding a side income.

How do I know?

Because I've been personally investing myself.

I tested various cloud mining sites [13 to be exact] to see which is the best to invest in.

It was super easy and quick to get up and running. I didn't have to buy costly computer components for my computer. I didn't have to do any tricky coding. and I didn't have to jump through hoops to begin mining bitcoin.

What's more?

I could set up everything sitting in front of my computer at home.

And the best part?

It works.

With the first machine, I was making $2.50 a day mining bitcoin which is $912.00 a year.

I created a mining plan to calculate how much I can mine in BTC by adding additional machines and what the yearly income will be as I add each machine.

The first person to use my bitcoin mining plan is my best friend in Utah who was very skeptical at first. Now he has 5 machines up and running and plans to purchase even more machines .

I decided to share my mining plan with others to share the wealth. Of course, I earn a small commission as others use the cloud mining resource I use but that is chump change to what I earn via my mining plan.

The following image is the spreadsheet showing my mining plan. The plan shows when to purchase additional machines and what the income will be at each level.

You can modify the plan to your own personal financial goals, however, if you follow this plan for 12 months, you can be making over $22,000 a year in bitcoin.

Mining Plan 


Cloud mining is an additional income stream that is very cost effective.

You will NOT have to purchase any computer equipment.

You will NOT have to run your own computer 24 hours a day to mine bitcoin.

You WILL be able to withdraw your bitcoin earnings and deposit into your own personal bitcoin wallet [approximate every 12 days with one machine and even less as you add additional machines].

You WILL be able to reinvest bitcoin into additional machines to increase your yearly earnings.

You WILL be able to share a personal referral link with others and earn 3% of what they invest in cloud mining.

You WILL not need to train anyone as the cloud mining resource is very user friendly.

You WILL start earning bitcoin once your bitcoin investment is verified and your mining machine is activated.

There is no limit on how many machines you can purchase [12 month contract for each machine] for cloud mining. The sky is the limit.

I am releasing my Bitcoin Mining Guide
at the low price of $5.00 USD.

The price increases by 50 cents after each purchase.

To purchase at the current price you see below,
click ADD TO CART before someone else beats you to it.

"Another brilliant guide from my friend and bitcoin investment
strategist Bruce Goldwell! I highly recommend his techniques if you
want success. Be diligent and persist to achieve your crypto goals!"
~ Dedra Allen ~

What Is The Bitcoin Mining Guide ?

The Bitcoin Mining Guide is a micro eBook that shows how to mine for bitcoin using a free downloadable program and via remote cloud mining.

The Guide includes a spreadsheet that forecast bitcoin earnings based on a Cloud Mining blockchain contract.

With the Bitcoin Mining Plan you will be able to plan your own investment strategy to create a passive income that you can grow at will monthly and even weekly.

Main Features Of The Bitcoin Mining Guide [BMG]:

* #1 Mining contract with the Highest Return

* The BMG uses simple mathematical formulas in order to calculate monthly earnings and determine when you can invest to increase your mining income.

* By using the BMG, you can experience over a 400% return on each and every new mining contract.

Competition Analyzed

The BMG was created after months of research with competing cloud mining systems, saving users time and money from making costly mistakes investing in the less productive and/or scam cloud miners. The BMG mining plan ranks well above other cloud mining investment scenarios, giving investors a competitive edge in acquiring the most BTC per investment dollar.

Easy Startup

From your home computer, you can register with the Cloud Mining company the BMG is calculated on, select the cloud mining contract suggested by the BMG which gives the highest return on investment, transfer the indicated amount of BTC from your BTC wallet, and your mining contract is activated as soon as your deposit is verified.

Daily Tracking

You own personal dashboard tracks earnings every second of the day and when you reach the minimum withdrawal level, you can withdraw your earnings to your personal BTC wallet.

Once you accumulate enough BTC to invest again, you can create a new mining contract which then increases your daily / monthly / yearly earnings. There is no limit to the number of mining contracts you can create.

"Bruce is a genious. After reviewing his plan, I had to give it
a try.  It only took me a week to see his plan will work so I invested
in more machines. As soon as I can, I plan to purchase even more."
~Alvin Kippen ~

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