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Bruce is a Vietnam Veteran, Author and Bitcoin Investment Strategist.  He was homeless for 10 years, however, after discovering the Law of Attraction, was able to overcome living on the streets, become an international author and now changes people's lives mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and financially.  
Read the following reviews and see what others say about his book, "Mastering the Law of Abundance".

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" Bruce Goldwell and Tammy Lynch have turned my life around in ways I can't even begin to tell you!! And I didn't have to purchase any gizmos or gadgets or watch hours of infomercials or buy special pills or drinks to make me feel like a million dollars. I didn't have to invest hundreds or thousands dollars to feel like I do today! The book is very well written and easy to follow to help you get a good grasp and understanding on how to apply the simple techniques to turn your life. around."

" This book is magnificant for the fact that it does not promise to be the magic beans that will change your life into what you want it to be. What it does is give you the knowledge of how to do that, and the rest is up to you. There is no such thing as a magic elixer, it is all within the idividual. With Mastery of Abundant Living, the power that every one of us is born with can be found and used to create anything. Bruce and Tammy have put together a great companion for people. It's easy to understand, and is written in a way that isn't heady, elitist or preachy at all. It treats the reader with respect."

" This book is magnificent! Tammy and Bruce have taken their understanding of the Law of Attraction and broke it down into 12 marvelous chapters of extremely easy to read content."

" This book is a must have for any physical or digital shelf if you really want to learn how to put the law of attraction to work in your life. They add a little humor and some tear jerking stories to show exactly how the law of attraction has worked in not only their lives but also the lives of others."

" This is a wonderful Law of Attraction book that has a lot to offer. It's well-written, clear and very practical. I enjoyed the fact that it offers a step-by-step process for mastering the Law of Attraction. What was left unanswered in "The Secret" will be answered in this amazing book by Tammy Lynch and Bruce Goldwell. The "Mastery of Abundant Living" is a How-To guide on using the Power of Positive Thinking in everything you do."

" I've had the privilege of being present for some of Tammy Lynch's seminars and public engagements. Not only is she proof that the power of positive thinking exist, she has truly mastered the process. The passion she shows is an inspiration and comes to life in this book. The "Mastery of Abundant Living" is an easy read with useful information. This is not a book you will read and file away. It is one you will and should read over and over, and reference for the rest of your life."

" I read "Mastery of Abundant Living" on a flight from Chicago to Washington DC and began applying the techniques Tammy Lynch and Bruce Goldwell spelled out in the book from the moment I stepped off the plane. In fact, by using the "Law of Attraction," which I had literally learned on that 90 minute flight, my bag was the first to come off the belt in baggage claim, the public transportation to my hotel was free and my room was automatically upgraded to the top floor without a request and with no additional charges. I'm writing this review only a day later, so I can't say how it has changed my life, but I can't wait to see what happens!"

" Amazing! is what I have to say.. we all know The Secret, this book by Tammy Lynch and Bruce Goldwell is exciting in explaining what to do to apply the Law of Attraction in our lives.. Yes my life has become fuller, richer, more inspirational, abundant and full of LOVE.. what can I say..My dreams are now coming true... I live the law of attraction and with the help of this wonderful book.. its so easy to work the law.. Effortless and happening at the Speed of Thought!" 

"The "Mastery of Abundant Living" is an incredible book that teaches the reader how to apply the Universal Law of Attraction to everyday life! It provides easy to follow principles as well as practical and inspirational information that will literally change your thinking, hence change your outcomes permanently. I recommend picking up a few copies for close friends and loved ones!"

" This book is a very well written concise explanation of a lot of core concepts regarding the law of attraction and life concepts in general. While the concepts are discussed in many books, this book - standing alone - would provide the spark and seed of thought to assist in a meaningful discovery and appreciation of the Laws of the Universe. It is an easy read with down to earth (or heavenly) discussions in terms we can all understand. The affirmations presented have been very helpful to me personally."

" This is a book that everyone should have. The cover is intriguing enough but when you begin to read it, it will draw you in. I guess that is how the Law of Attraction works. . . Anyway, even if it doesn't call you now, it will eventually. And there it will be, right on your table waiting for you. You will feel empowered as a person as you read it. If you put it down for a while, you can always reread it and enjoy it as much as the first time you read it. What more would you want in a book? "

"Nowadays there is so much out there written on Abundance and The Law of Attraction. This book is a Gem! When we learn to apply what we have learned, that is when things manifest. Bruce and Tammy have given us the tools to take action. For those who understand constant and never ending improvement, this is a book you should have. There is always a plus factor in life and Mastery of Abundant Living "The Key to Mastering the Law of Attraction', helps one along their path to greater success, abundance, happiness and peace of mind."

" This book is AWESOME! My dad introduced me to the Law of Atrraction at a young age although it was not until 2 years ago that I started practicing it in my every day life. Tammy and Bruce did a fantastic job teaching us how to create a life filled with abundance. I highly recommend this book to those who will allow themselves to live a healthy, happy, positive and successful life!"

" I have lived these thoughts and concepts for so long and have never been able to explain them to others. My hat goes off to these two authors for finally figuring out a way to verbalize the keys to living good life. I recommend this book to anyone seeking the small link from where you are and where you want to be. Way to go you guys. Thanks for taking the high truth and putting in into laymans terms".

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